Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bank holiday weekend

Yayyy love bank holiday!

Shame the weathers been so shite though. I've had a fab weekend so far, two very good friends of mine got married yesterday, how lovely. But, of course, there was loads of food there. As in breakfast, lunch, and three course dinner (it wasn't a traditional English wedding) so there's no way I could have got away with not eating. So I took one for the team and ate.


I'm finding it very frustrating not being able to truely divulge any specific details about who I am. It's fucking annoying. This is meant to be a place where I can be myself and be honest, yet I'm constantly terrified that I'll get busted. And not just big things. Take for example my job. I can't even say what I do as a job, as there's only one company in the country that emplys people to do it - so it would give the game up leaving me traceable. But it's small things too- for example like I wanna say "sorry my gramma is sometimes terrible, but I'm posting from my iPhone" as I think shit, you'll know I have an iPhone, what if that's a clue to my identity... Tut. Everyone has an iPhone. I need to get a grip. I'm scared to write exactly what I ate, in case someone from my circle of friends is here and thinks "hmm, VIOLET had that same dinner last night, what if it's her..."

chill out girl!! There's over 6 billion people in the world!! No ones gunna bust you!!


I should pull myself together.

If the weathers not too bad tomorrow me and my boyfriend are gunna take a trip to ~Non Specified Pretty Historic Town~ not too far from where we live. Should be nice.


god I still feel full from yesterday. Thankfully we both got so hammered that hang over has rendered him unable to eat anything all day too, so I'm off the hook... Safe for another day!

Violet x x

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  1. Hey :)

    Thing is that guy didn't seem like an egotistical wanker at all. That's why it didn't even cross my mind that he might have a girlfriend. It's quite normal for guys to be outrageous flirts and have a gf just bc they're on an ego trip but he wasn't like that at all, he was really nice and sweet, and he wasn't even flirting with me, I just thought he liked me. He was even telling me about how his friend committed suicide and how he dealt with it and stuff. He was like, my perfect guy. Sucks. :(

    Lol yeah I wouldn't normally confess that level of insanity to strangers but I was actually quite proud of my ingeniosity-it takes some brain-power to be THAT much of a stalker!

    Wow 2 half marathons! That's impressive! You put me to shame. Yeah I could take up swimming but to be honest I just love running. It's not about the exercise it's about the feeling I get from it. I love to run back home where I live in the countryside-we live on the moors and it's beautiful and deserted, with views for miles around. Plus you can just roll out of bed and chuck on your gear and go. I'm too lazy to drive to the pool, change, swim, dry off, dry my hair, drive back etc! Tbh I could easily run safely now, I'm just out of practice.

    I wish you would divulge more information about yourself! I like to feel like I know people on here. I mean, look at it this way,firstly what are the chances anyone will accidentally stumble across a pro-ana community on blogger, and specifically your blog at that, and specifically a post that reveals you as you? I'd say next to none. Secondly, if they don't come across it accidentally but are actually reading and following then they have no right to judge because they are in the same boat as you, right?

    Oh and congrats on the weight :)