Saturday, 8 May 2010

Change of a name

hi... Shrinking Violet here...

Ok ok ok so I don't know if this is against the rules or something, but basically the name I'd picked, shrinking violet, was already taken by someone else when I joined. Some people following me are also following her and it's just way confusing. So I changed it. It's still me though :) Blogging from Skinny Genes rather than Shrinking Violet. I also changed violet to vicky.

Vi x


  1. Whew! Thanks. I got confused with the names in my blogroll.

  2. I think there is a Skinny Jeans...but meh, I can cope. You 2 are in my faves so it was a little confusing. The change to Vicky is more confusing tho!! Can I just call you Vi? Or is that too familiar?

    Oh and you don't come across as crazy at all!! I'm just trying to reassure you! Have you read my blog at all?? I seem TOTALLY insane and neurotic. I don't (at least I dont think I do) come across that way at all in real life. Although recently if you've been spending a lot of time with me, when drunk, smidgeons if it come out, and my housemates of course know I'm bonkers. But ANYWAY no of course I don't think you're crazy. Just letting you know not to panic and acting rashly :)

    Meh no plans for the weekend. Just revising. Although that has gone out the window a little today as I got out of bed early to weight myself and found that I am STILL at the same weight. I have been the same all week. At this rate it will be no change in a week. This has literally never happened. I felt after this horrible shock I needed to go back to bed, so I've had a lie in lol. What are you up to. Running? Plans with the bf? xx

  3. Aww :) You shouldn't worry. I love your blog just the way it, it sounds just like someone talking, it's really real. You're right, it's better to meet a small bunch a quality people that you click with than have a massive amount of anonymous faceless followers, which I'm sure is what a lot of people have going on.

    Oh and something funny seems to be going on with your blog. I keep not noticing when you've posted. I didn't noticed when you last posted or I would've congratulated you on the drop, woop!! How tall are you btw? Or is that not info you want to share? Totally respect that if so

    You always cheer me up lovely :) xx

  4. I was looking at my dashboard and thought to myself "who the hell is vi at skinny genes?" I thought I might have followed random blogs in my sleep! Glad it's just you though...