Thursday, 6 May 2010

The quest for 120... Day 2.

It's gunna be q bit more of a challenge this time round. You remember I said I have my own office at work? This is great for excuses about not having lunch for all the obvious reasons. There's also a visitors desk in my room which is used like once every three or four weeks depending on when our team gets a visitor (most people have two person offices, there's an odd number on my team and I got lucky - but have to have the spare hot desk in with me). 

So the guy who came to visit yesterday is coming back soon... For THREE MONTHS!!!!! Oh my god!!! I've got so used to not sharing my room. And he's gunna notice me skipping lunch. What to do....?!?! He's a visiting scientist from America who I've been collaborating with for the past 6 months or so. Shame my work didn't send me there for three months instead... Gutted!

Argh I smoked way too much yesterday. God knows why, I wasn't drinking or anything. I've started smoking roll ups during the week now (gross, I know) cos they're about a quarter of the price!! Then I buy a real pack for the weekend. But yesterday, ugh I smoked loads and my throat was killing me this morning.

So, 124.8 on the scales this morning. We're getting somewhere! Did quite well with food today also. On Thursdays I host a little running club at work during lunch. It's loads of fun, just with my friends and even though it's short distance and quite slow I really enjoy doing that. There's only about 6 of us most weeks. But there's a big conference in Vienna this week that all my social group have gone to, so I went out on my own enabling me to do a 5 miler. Argh i wish I'd gone to the conference!! Had nothing interesting to present right now so maybe next time.

Ooo it's general election day today - I just got back from the polling station about an hour ago. Gunna try and stay up and watch the results come in, though I'll prob fall asleep really early!!! Very exciting though!!

Stats for the day:
Weight: 124.8
Food: apple, banana, 3 bites of a cheese salad butty, left over stir fry from last night
Total cals: 600?
Exercise: 5 mile jog

Tarah for now,
Violet x


  1. Brilliant! Even a little is better than nothing...That blows about the new office-mate. Maybe you can bring in a little box of food every day. And when he goes out to eat, show him that so that he thinks your eating lunch.

    Ugh, I know cigarettes suck. I was so addicted that I was smoking a whole pack of marlboros in like three days. I realized I was slowly killing myself and now I only smoke about 2 Parliament lights a day. Try cutting back!

    And yes, I am a math major. I'm graduating this May, so I'm almost done. When did you graduate?

  2. that was a super long comment. I'm sorry :)

  3. haha yeah my diet is eat nothing if possible. And if I do eat, throw it up and use a laxative just in case. Depressing isn't it?

  4. I am always all in my head! I spend every day alone revising so there is no external stimulation, just me, in my head. No, I'm sure he did mean it, I think I have just spent far too long scrutinising my body in far too much detail. I have hated my breasts since 14. Well, since they developed tbh, but at least at the beginning I had hopes they would get better!

    Lol Violet you are a worry pants! Stop worrying! Just go out every day for lunch! Say you like to get a break from the same environment all the time 'cause it gets claustrophobic, or say nothing-you don't have to explain yourself to a stranger! Or say you meet a friend for lunch. Whatever. It's definitely a situation with a solution. If you're worried your work mates will wonder why you're suddenly going out at lunch tell them you need a break to be by yourself now you suddenly have someone in your office all day. That's perfectly reasonable. I'm a super loner-type person, I have to take time to myself for at least small periods during the day or I'd go insane. I'm sure you'll think of something but you definitely don't need to go to elaborate lengths of fake preparing food and waving it under people's noses and things. The less you say, the less you'll raise suspicion. Don't say anything unless asked. If you start blurting out reasons why you're doing things, it'll only seem wierd. Remember there are plenty of totally normal un-eating disordered people who just don't eat particularly regularly. My housemate never eats breakfast and sometimes forgets dinner. Ditto my best friend. He just doesn't get hungry.

    Chill love! Well done on the jog! xx

  5. Ok so I'm right there with you on the whole eating at work problem and I've come up with a number of solutions which I alternate. Luckily I do spend a good bit of time out of the office at meetings etc. which does help a little because my routines and habits become a little less obvious. Nevertheless, I reckon if you're confident and assertive in your explanations/rationale for your habits, people generally stop noticing or commenting fairly quickly.
    So...the first thing I do is always have breakfast at work (breakfast is an important meal anyway because it kick-starts your metabolism). Having a big bowl of fruit makes you look like you're eating a lot but it's still low in cals. Then, there are a number of lunchtime solutions:
    1)You can say that you had a really big breakfast so you're really full and not ready for lunch -you'll grab something later.
    2)You can't really eat lunch anyway because it makes you feel sick and lethargic in the afternoons (it makes me feel that way anyway).
    3) Go out for lunch regularly (say you're meeting someone and, even if you're not, go to your local coffee shop and read something motivational -it'll make you feel better).
    4) It's a recession so bring in your own lunch -I make vegetable soup and bring it in in a flask(is's very low-cal so you can eat loads).

    One of the most interesting elections of recent years by the way!