Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The 3 day British Heart Foundation diet


argh so I've not posted in a while - sorry. I slipped up one day and so didn't post. then I saw I had ovet 20 unread blogs and thought I can't possibly read all of those now, then the next day it got worse and I ate more as a result... downward spiral.

plus I feel like I have nothing interesting to write down anyway - so why bother? I'm sorry ive not replied to msgs - I'll get on that right after this.

so my 15 daychallenge was a fail. I don't even know what day I'm on but it's prob about 13 or summat.

I'd stopped looking at the scale. it said 125.8 this morning. to be fair I thought it was more. so I'm gunna start over. but I'm gunna have a go at doing it.... the healthy way?? I think. well, I'm gunna do this 3 day detox which I found online to quick start my diet. it looks quite typical, all fresh fruit veg and natural stuff as expected. 

my brother (who got a bit chunky since he hit 30) and his girlfriend have been doing the British Heart Foundation diet. it again is 3 days long, and can be done once each week. it's based on food combining and the chemical reactions that are triggered from combining particular foods together. its claimed youll loose up to 10 pounds in the 3 days if followed EXACTLY to the letter. the diet it's self has come under scrutiny though as some of the foods in it are a little odd - ice cream, hot dogs... and I must point out, I had a look at the BHF website and they deny any endorsement or link with this diet, so I don't know where it's name came from. 

but get this.... my brother lost 9 pounds!! in 3 days! but yeah, he's a chunk and has never dieted and plays lots of sport so metabolism's quite high. but his girlfriend - who's much slimmer than me lost 7 pounds!!!! not sure what happened to those pounds after she finished the diet. I'm sure it's just water weight and is not maintainable. it is what it is - a fad diet. and I'm sure the weight goes straight back on.... but still... I'm gunna give it a go!!!

my bro and his girlf are doing it for the second time - tues, weds, and thuurs. they've been updating on facebook and it's catching on, all their friends are jumping on the band wagon and commenting about it loads. 

so, 3 day detox (raw, natural stuff, will post details later maybe) then 3 day British Heart Foundation diet.

starting tomorrow...
Vi x 

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  1. Sounds all other diets. But maybe I'm just a cynical person.

    It's good to have you back...I missed you! I do the same thing. If I messed up for a day or two, I'll stop blogging mostly out of guilt and arrogance.

    We're all losing control around this time. Stress of summer and bikinis maybe?

    Good luck with your plan! You seem to have more control than the rest of us, based on your previous posts!