Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The quest for 120... Day one.

The past few weeks the scales and I have been getting on quite well. They've generally stayed around the 125 mark. Give or take the daily fluctuations and odd ups and downs here and there. When I started this blog I outlined my fool proof 'weight loss plan' and this has really worked for me. To re-itterate the plan is to loose weight in five pound chunks, by whatever drastic and fast means necessary. i.e. to starve myself. then try and stick at that weight for a few weeks at least before trying to loose more weight. This may seem tedious and very frustrating as I know we all wanna loose weight, and fast!! But this technique really works for me in so many ways. Here's a few reasons why, just to remind myself during those difficult times when the temptation is there to try and loose more rather than maintaining.

1). It trains your body into having a new "stable weight." sort of like re-booting the system. Our bodies seem to have a particular stable weight that it feels comfortable at, and will try to get back to if that makes sense. So if my stable weight is 125, and then I slip up or binge, generally it will drop back off as my body is comfortable at 125. Equally if I try and starve myself and loose weight rapidly for a day or two, then have a slip up, the scales will quickly jump back up. So it's a sort of damage control having a new, lower, stablised weight.

2). It gives the body time to recover. All those vitamins and minerals that my body was missing and crying out for can get replenished.

3) it keeps people off your back! All those people who were starting to catch on, or getting fed up of me never wanting to socialise in times of going out for meals or whatever are silenced.

4) it give me chance to focus on my running. Running long distance is a big hobby of mine, and it requires a lot of fuel. Ugh. My performance really suffers when I don't eat, so it's a chance to hit the training hard when I can give my body the right energy.

5) it gives my metabolism a boost. So when the next dieting phase begins the pounds fly off in the first few days, just like starting any diet from scratch does.

6) maintain focus. It kinda gives me a new motivation for when the next cycle starts up again. By the end of two or three weeks of maintaining, I'm raring to go and chomping at the bit so to speak to get back to fasting and restricting. It makes me really excited about the next target!

7) it makes it more managable, breaking it down in to bite sizes chunks. Ooo I'm full of the food related puns today!! Therefore keeping my motivation up as I know it's not forever. I'm also less likely to binge if it's just for a week or two and not perminant.

8) I'm less likely to slip up if I know it's only for a finite amount of time. When you're counting down the days like that instead of just endlessly plodding along you know there's an end in sight so is far more acheivable.

I started this plan of mine when I was in the mid-high 140s, with 140 as my first goal weight. (I was around 130 when I started this blog though) Then 135, 130, and now I'm at 125, tomorrow is the start of:

The Quest For 120.... 

Yayyyyyy!!! I'm really REALLY excited about it!! I'm not sure how long it will take to get to 120. 10 days? Two weeks maybe?? Who knows... But here it goes!!! I'm gunna set a target here, of 15 days to loose the weight. That's not to say I won't do it quicker or slower, I genuinely have no idea, but it's just to have a timescale and a date to focus on. That means by May 20th I want to weigh 120. 1lb in every three days. Should be fine. And in the first week it should happen quite quickly. Once I'm at 120 I'm gunna force myself to try and stay there for a whole month. Until at least June 20th (provided I hit 120 by may 20th!) I MUST DO THIS PART!!!! 115 is my ultimate goal, and so that final stage is more important than any other. It's a marathon, not a sprint, and I MUST remember that. It's too important to fuck up and risk failure and becoming fat again. 

So the plan is to eat as little as possible each day until the scale says 120. Then there's the exit strategy - re-introducing food gradually each day over the course of a week or two, until I can maintain that weight for a decent period of time. 

I can't wait to weigh 120. According to various charts I've found online, 120 is the last number in the "healthy weight range" for my height. I can't wait to not see that word any more!!!

 I want a body that matches my face. I'm sick of these girls who are really not that attractive, but just appear to be beacuse they're so skinny. Not that I'm gorgeous or anything. But It's not fair. Ugh!! It's like they're being let off the fact that they're ugly because they have the discipline (or natural ability?) to be thin. Not fair...!

I'll be updating every single night before i go to bed with how I've got on, what I weigh each morning, and what I had to eat that day. I use my iPhone to blog, so I'll save up my thoughts, progress, etc in the note pad during the day then post at the last minute before I go to sleep, so no chance of slip up!!!

Stats for the day
Weight: 125.6 
What I ate: salad for lunch. Had to. Work meeting and there's a visitor who's set up camp in my office this week, had to take him along. Stir fry veg for tea. Not all bad I guess. All things beyond my control.
Total cals: ummm, I'm guessing about 600? Surely not more than that...?
Exercise: ...none!

Night night,
Violet x x


  1. Your plan sounds like it should make sense. But my body doesn't act like that. You lucky bum. Good luck with seeing 120 on the scale!

  2. Woo go Vi! I salute you!

    Serious you are so right! Again with the nutrition tutorial...apparently your body doesn't have a a 'set point' but a 'settling range' (so yes, unfortunately some people might be more inclined to be heavier/lighter than others) but within that range you can manipulate it and various settling points which your metabolism will try to maintain. Like they put people in overfeeding paradigms and fed them shitloads and (obvs) they gained weight but without doing anything different their weight went right back to normal b/c their metabolism speeds up to regulate their set point. Keep it up though and it won't go back, you'll settle at a new higher weight, and vice versa.

    I KNOW all this. Seriously I am a font of food and nutrition knowledge. I am studying i assiduously atm for revision, and also because it interests me so much. But can I take it inboard? Nope! Why? Because I'm inpatient/lazy. I figure I will use all my knowledge AFTER I'm happy with my body, or Fail.

    That's why I'm so proud of you. Keep us updated. xx