Sunday, 18 April 2010

Wow so I've not posted in a little while - bad me.

I just lost all desire to watch what I eat. I didn't care that I was overweight, in fact I was ENJOYING eating three meals a day and snacks inbetween. I wasn't bothered by what the scales would say so I didn't look. Not once.

Now I wish I had cared the past week or so. It's so ridiculous this bloody yo-yo dieting when I start on it it consumes me and I'm so determined but then when I quit I all out quit.

I'm turning into my mother.

Summers almost here and I look like a walruss in a vest top. This is not a good look. I guess I am back. I'm pretty sure my last post prompted the move toward a normal diet. I freaked myself out with health worries.

But I am fine, I'm not sick anymore, my body can cope I need to keep telling myself that.

So I'm back to fasting again I guess. Tge scale read an ugly 128.2 this morning and I really feel it. Neeeeeeed to be 125..... And FAST!!! I have a dress I want to fit in to in two weeks. 3 pounds in two weeks is totally acheivable so that's the plan. By any means neccessary.

I'm off to catch up on all tge blogs I've missed while I was consumed in the fatness...

Violet x


  1. I'm glad you're back, I missed you! I was wondering where you'd gone. I TOTALLY sympathize with your situation-I am either restricting a-go-go or don't give a fuck, and eat junk. My poor body! It gets nothing nutritious. 3lb is definitely do-able, I'm behind you all the way! Don't disappear again :) xx

    p.s. this is an alarmingly rapid response to your post-I'm not stalking you, you just pop up on my page because you're in my shout out list, and I happened to be on my page.

  2. Aww you sweetie. Yeah it's nice finding someone you can relate to, hence the worry at you going off. Hope you had/have a nice time at the pub xxx

  3. Well now you've been at the pub an awful long time...! I gave you a sunshine award. Check it out. Hope you're well. Thinking of u xx