Friday, 2 April 2010



I'm not making this up! Since Monday, that's like 4 pounds in 5 days... But in all honestly, my sort of stable weight was around 126-127, so I think the jump to 129 was a blip, then I've returned to normal then lost a pound or two. Butbi can sense the innevitable coming - it's gunna jump back up soon I can feel it. It's crucial that I don't binge now, absoluetly critical or it'll all just go back on. I need to keep fasting like I am for a few more days (oh yeah, yesterday had a pear and a piece of toast my boyf made me eat. About 300 cals for the day).

125 is one of my goal weights. I have a plan that when I reach a goal weight (which are multiples of 5) I will then try and just maintain at that weight for a week or two before then trying to get to the next goal. It breaks the diet plan i
down into smaller chunks, while giving the body chance to get used to the weight loss, and recharges the metabolism. Also following a plan like this gives a chance for family and friends to back off having a go at me!! So I need to think very carefully about my "exit strategy." i.e. Stop starving myself for two whole weeks to try and stay at 125. The aim in that two week window is to eat 'normally' and if my weight goes outside of a range of 124.5-125.5 then need to adjust eating habits accordingly. and bloody well stick to it!! Clearly I can't just go out and celebrate with a burger else it will ping back on. I'm scared of having a binge so the plan is to gradually re-introduce food back in at a steady rate. So here's the plan of food for the next few days:

Eat 300 cal per day max until weight is <125 for at least 3 consecutive days. Then can tick the "hit 125" box.
Day 1 of "exit strategy": 350-400 cals, have something for breakfast (like apple) then continue to hold out all day.
Day 2: same as above.
Day 3: 400-450 cals: breakfast, small snack at lunch (all fruit so far) then dinner.
Day 4: same as above
day 5: 450-500
day 6: 500-600

then keep having between 600 and 1000 cals per day, unless weight goes over 125 then it's back to what I'm doing now for a day.

Exciting times!!!

Off for my breakfast: a pint of water and a marlboro light :)

thanks to the two others who are now following this blog as well, you're lovely!
Violet x x


  1. So lovely to meet you, thanks for your encouraging comment. I also did a marathon and put on weight - wtf??!

    Really enjoying your blog - you're right, today will be tough. But you clearly have huge reserves of willpower or how else could you achieve the things you have?

  2. Ha ha, yeah well weird! I was however having to eat about 3000 cals a day on days before a long run, else I just couldn't get through it!!!

    Have you always been a similar weight to what you are now?

    Thanks for stopping by :) x

  3. congrats with the weight! let seeing that number encourage you :D are you really able to keep at 300 cals a day?? i become SUCH a bitch when i restrict so much!

  4. Not usually no! It's so bizarre it's since I joined this site I guess. I think it's the accountabilty. I know if I screw up that I have to log on here and tell you all about it!!!

    Day 5 today, and I've not had much so far (3pm here in England) just two crackers. I honestly don't feel hungry at all - weird huh! My tummy has been making noises constantly though for about twenty mins!! Literally constant noise!! SHUT UP!!!!

    (nice to read ur so happy today)


  5. Wow it sounds like you've got a really good plan going, it'll be so much easier for you to maintain your final goal weight if you keep with your plan, V. impressed :)
    If only i had that much patience!! xox