Thursday, 1 April 2010


So this is a good day.

The sun has FINALLY started to shine for once which does wonders for everyones state of mind and well being. It's just fab I love it. And the clocks changed last weekend which means I can now start running outside again in the evenings rather that at the gym. And also sit out in the beer gardens for longer :)

I went for my run finally last night, 5 miles. For me, the running and the weight loss are two completely separate things. Bit of a paradox or coincidence that one may lead to the other... In fact originally that's why I took it up - to lose weight. But then it took over my life and like everything I obsessed and got hooked in!! I ran a marathon last year, and I actually gained weight doing it!! There is no way on earth I could train for a marathon under my current eating regime. Not a chance, it's massively dangerous, and, well, I'm not a moron!!

I've got a few 10k events coming up this spring, which are ideal for losing weight. 10k is perfectly doable on not much energy. Saying that I've been running long distance for years and so I'm used to it - under no circumstance would I encourage a newbie to go out and run 6.2 miles after starving themselves!!!!

If anyone else is a runner or would like to start, get in touch!! I host a little running club at work on Thursdays :) (not today tho, maundy Thursday)

ah, so today's good yeah. The scales somehow said 126.6...?! No idea how. I guess for the first week of a diet the weight drops off rapidly then stagnates... Or goes back up as motivation falters... We'll see!! Yesterday I had about 2litres of water plus a diet coke, an apple, a veggie burger (250 cals) no bun, just rocket leaves. No idea how many cals on an apple, 500? 100? Plus the 250 for the apple.


So I've been finding new blogs to read :) came across some lovely ones which is great, you guys all seem like really nice genuine people.

There is one thing I'm a little nervous of though, and I hope no one takes offense here at what I'm about to say... Some peoples blogs don't have their age on, or is not updated. I really don't want to following anyone under a certain age... I mean I'm 23, it's just not cool to be giving out diet advice to a 15 year old. it's just irresponsible. Am more than happy to talk about things etc, but no way do I want to be giving tips and hints actively to such young girls. So I've tried to be careful when selecting blogs to follow.

Argh I hope that's not taken in the wrong way, it's just because I'm a little older I don't want to be seen as... Well I don't know, it doesn't seem right!!!!

Also... Ugh my blog looks so lame!!! I'm using my iPhone so haven't had chance to put pictures up or anything. Maybe that's why I have only one follower? Who knows... I'll try get on my laptop and spruse it up a bit :) or figure out how to actually use the mobile tool and post pics from here that way.... Argh I'm rubbing with technology!!!!

Anyway, I'm rambling on like mad.
See you later,
Violet x


  1. hey! thanks for the comment, i def appreciate it :) sounds like we have very similar stats and goals, so let's do this together!! good luck today xoxo

  2. Yeah brill! I'm keen for that! Can't believe how well I've done this week, it's since I joined here!

    Speak soon!