Sunday, 4 April 2010

My arms are made of mars bars!

No idea what I weigh this morning as I wasn't quite barking enough to pack my giant scales in my overnight bag and bring them. Scary, but liberating too, makes me a little bit giddy! I can work towards 125 by the time I get home...

When my train got in I had more than an hour to wait so did a bit of window browsing and tried on some dresses, just to see if I really can fit a size 8 now. Apparently yes, tho my boobs are a little squashed. The gross thing is my arms, they're hideous!!!! The grossest thing I've ever seen they're fat and wobbly and full of gross celulite too. I'd do anything to be able to wear a vest top... Argh nearly spring!!! 

I had a bag of crisps last night, not exactly a massive binge, and I did feel absolutely starving. Yesterday was tough. I've not felt hungry all week but god all day long... I'll be stronger today :) I'm determined to be 125 when I get back home!!

Happy Easter everyone!!

Big love, 
Violet x

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