Monday, 29 March 2010

Well that was easier than I thought...!

Oh... And so here I am... I don't know what I was afraid of. I thought this would be difficult, but it was actually really simple. Maybe it was my lack of computer skills that have held me back from joining for so long... Maybe it was something else. But whatever it was, it's gone. I'm here. Making the first step towards actually having a real life conversation with someone about this stuff for the very first time in my life. Yikes!

Like I said in my "about me" section... I'm not special or unique... I have come here for very similar reasons as most of you. It's strange, as like I've said already that some peoples blogs I've been following for a long time (over a year now...) so I guess it's a bit daunting coming on here with my own voice. It was always just one sided before. I would just read, and by not interacting I was safe, protected, distanced and not vulnerable. But now what? What if the very same people that I feel like I know reject me? God I don't know. It's dumb.

So, that's why I'm here.

I picked the name Shrinking Violet as I thought it sums me up quite well. Obviously there's the blatent nod towards loosing weight and getting thinner. But also as it's kind of who I am. The plane jane. The wall flower. The shy girl... Well that's not strictly true. You guys will get to know me as and when, and as my blog grows in the way I hope it will. But for now, I am here. I feel as thought I've climbed a mountain.

But I have arrived.

That is all for now,
Violet x

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