Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A quick update

So it's just before 5 and I'm about to leave work and head to the gym.

I didn't mention I run did I? Lots. Trouble is, I find going to the gym or running so bloody difficult if I feel hungry. I'm too competative and find that just slogging through makes me furious. Need to be faster and go further. But that requires energy - calories.

So far I've eaten nothing. Just water and a coke zero for lunch. But I've just grabbed an apple to try and combat the hungries in the gym. Fingers crossed it keeps me going!!!

Any one have any tips for that??

I'm starting an all out fast tomorrow. For the rest of the week. On the days I'm not running I'm having NO calories. Well, that's the idea. And then just fruit before a run.

I'm superwoman if I can actually stick to that, but that's the plan.

Until tomorrow,
violet x

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